Bullock's Orioles at Garin

Verne Nelson <verne_nelson@...>

Garin Regional Park is a nesting area for dozens of Bullock's Orioles,
one of the most colorful birds of the season. Their main nesting is in
the Eucalyptus grove on the far side of the picnic grounds, although
nests are also present in the riparian areas. Easter egg hunts often
leave behind the colored 'straw' from baskets and you can sometimes spot
a (too colorful?) nest made from it. Among their food resources, the
annual emergence of Oakmoth caterpillars provides an abundant supply of
food for the nestlings.
This male was foraging in a Poison Hemlock. It seemed to be looking for
small insects in the flowers, but also eating flowers in the process. I
would guess that this part of the plant is not poisonous.