Calliope Hummingbirds, Mitchell Canyon


I arrived a little after 10 to find the Canyon already loaded with birds, and birders. In fact, I'm surprised nobody else has posted anything yet. As usual, this is just a wonderful place to bird, or hike or bike for that matter. I fell quite short on warblers, mis-timing an apparent 8 species tree. However, I did see 2 Calliope Hummingbirds. There were a million hummers in general, many Anna's and a couple of Allens' and many moving too fast to get a fix on. 2 male Calliope's did cooperate by sitting in view with streaked gorgets easily visible. 1 was up White Canyon, not quite as high as a little Live Oak forest where I had turned around. The other was down in Mitchell Canyon a ways above the trail junction.

Otherwise, in no particular order:
Hutton's, many Warbling, and a single Cassin's Vireo. My favorite was a Hutton's with a little puffball in it's mouth calling plaintively.
a pair of Hairy Woodpeckers
Olive Sided Flycatcher (cherrypicked from another birder's spotting scope)
a few Western Tanagers, including one obvious couple
many Black Headed Grosbeaks
Coopers' Hawk
pair of Red-tailed Hawks in mating dance
many Epid. flycatchers, none vocalizing. 1 appeared to be more gray than a Pac-slope with smaller darker bill and less eye-ring, so was likely Hammond's or Dusky, but I won't ID it specifically with any confidence.
a few Ash-throated Flycatchers
Zero Sparrows, except juncos and towhees.

Good birding,

Jay Dodge,