Hayward Shoreline and San Leandro Marina

Bob Richmond

Today at the shoreline -

Brant - 4 at the mouth of San Lorenzo Creek.

Black Oystercatcher - 1 at the San Leandro Marina.

Wandering Tattler - 1 at the San Leandro Marina.

Surfbird - 1 at the San Leandro Marina.

Least Tern - 1 on a piece of wood floating in the bay off Johnson's Landing. I have 6 April records at the shoreline. All but 1 is from 2007-2010. Only 2 are earlier than the bird seen yesterday.

Black Skimmer - 4 in Hayward Marsh, seen from the southeast corner of the loop trail in Cogswell Marsh.

Yellow-rumped Warbler - 1 of the birds at Winton Ave. may have been an intergrade between Audubon's and Myrtle. It looked like an Audubon's Warbler except for the throat, which was shaped like a Myrtle (extended on to the neck). However this was mostly yellow, except for the area on the sides of the neck which were white.

Palm Warbler - 0. Not seen by me today.

Western Tanager - 1 male at Winon Ave.

Black-headed Grosbeak - 1 male at Winton Ave.