Pacific Slope Flycatcher, singing in the spring...

debbie viess

I heard, then saw, my first today at Huckleberry Preserve.

I had great looks at it while leaning up against a Bay: incomplete eye-ring, and throat jerking at that last, explosive note.

Both birds (various) and bees were very active all around me. I was wishing for my bee veil as I brushed past the flowering shrubs, and I heard and saw birds everywhere...wrentits duetting, flickers, a red-tail soaring through the canyon (just after hearing scolding jays; coincidence?) Orange-crowned and Wilson's warblers singing, Stellars in stunning, brilliantly blue breeding plumage, juncos raising a ruckus as I approached, a hairy woodpecker hammering, hummers was pretty wild and wooly out there.

As the shadows grew long and the wind picked up, a male great horned owl began a series of hoots. He called a half dozen times and for about five minutes before the female finally answered. Sleepyhead!

Purdy flowers and even a few last fungi. But the birds are definitely vying for my attention. Guess that it's time to start looking up.

Debbie Viess
Oakland, CA