Sibley Volcano Regional Park


I walked Sibley this morning and was pleased to see a Rufous-crowned
Sparrow just up the hill from the maze overlook. This is my best local spot
for them though I still miss that bird half the time.

Some locals told me that Sibley was full of grazing cattle up till last
week. Indeed the grass looked quite mowed, which doesn't bode well for
Grasshopper Sparrow. In fact I saw no Lark Sparrow or any other grassland

Sibley continues to be an excellent place for Pygmy Nuthatch; they called
all through the large Monterey Pine.

Lazuli Buntings are back and singing. Lots of bird song in general though I
did not detect Olive-sided Flycatcher. Maybe too early.

Other songsters: Pacific-slope Flycatcher, Orange-crowned Warbler, Wilson's
Warbler, Townsend's Warbler, Hutton's Vireo, California Thrasher, Wrentit,
Purple Finch and Lark Sparrow.

Rusty Scalf