Patterson Pass

richard s. cimino

I visited Patterson Pass yesterday 1:45 PM to 2:30 PM and had the same sightings as Bingham Gibbs reported.
Two exception:
1.) Two Black-headed Grosbeak's male and female in a cottonwood directly south of RM 6.04.
2.) Two Burrowing Owls on the south facing hill side at RM. 5.47
3.) Three Ruby-crowned Kinglet's all near RM 6.04

As Bingham stated, nearly no wind at all, full sun made the visit enjoyable.
Also the wildflowers are their beginning colorful display cycle in relation to our El Nino year.
I'd like to add that the first appearance's of the Blue Grosbeak on Patterson Pass typically occurs on or near April 16th.
Hoping some lucky birder will report a Blue Grosbeak this weekend.
Everyone have a great birding weekend!
Rich Cimino