Niles Staging Area along Alameda Creek


This afternoon, less than a five-minute walk from the Niles Staging Area on Old Canyon Road, just off Niles Canyon Road near Mission Blvd. in Fremont, hundreds of CLIFF SWALLOWS are collecting mud from the creek banks and building nests under the old bridge.  With just binoculars, you can clearly see the bright and busy birds at work.  Just steps from parking lot, around 2:00 at least sixty CEDAR WAXWINGS were flying back and forth into the trees on either side of the creek and landing on the rocky banks of the creek to drink water.  Twelve RING-NECKED DUCKS continue west of the bridge, with a SPOTTED SANDPIPER bobbing along on the shoreline, and a male BULLOCK'S ORIOLE chattering from the trees by the red house near the bridge. 
Stephanie Floyd

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