Hooded orioles in Niles


Hooded orioles have returned to the Vallejo Adobe next to Naka Nursery off Niles Blvd. at Nursery Avenue. Around 1:00, at least two males and a female were flying around the parking lot near the adobe, chattering and calling. Naka Nursery has signs up that it is closing. Currently, the nursery's gate that allows access to the adobe is open Thursday-Sunday 9-4:30.

Stephanie Floyd

Bank Swallows - Hayward Shoreline

Eric Pilotte

I had a calling Bank Swallow at 1pm at the Winton Ave parking area of the Hayward Shoreline. The bird was in a large swallow flock to the south of that area. Zach Baer later visited and found 2 Bank Swallows there.

Eric Pilotte
Benicia, CA

Bullock's Oriole


There was a male Bullock's Oriole at Castle Rock Park in Walnut Creek yesterday morning.

Maury Stern

Garin Regional Park and Hayward Shoreline 4/3


I got out birding today in the late evening and hit the upper hills of Garin Regional Park in hopes of finding Grasshopper Sparrow, I found one non-singing bird. After a successful hike I made my way over to Hayward Shoreline where I was informed by Eric Pilotte about Bank Swallows mixed in with the large swallow flocks. Walking around the shoreline there were several large flocks of swallows mainly composed of Cliff Swallows (almost 80%). Mixed in with one of the flocks was at least 1, but more likely 2 or more, Bank Swallows actively calling. The flocks constantly move, disperse, but luckily call a lot. While searching through the swallow flocks I also noticed 5 American White Pelicans soaring high over the shoreline.

Good birding,

Zach Baer
Berkeley, CA

Hooded Orioles in Berkeley, Livermore + White-crown thoughts

Jaan Lepson <lepson@...>

On Friday, Hooded Orioles were calling at the UC Berkeley botanical
garden, my FOS. This is a great time to visit the gardens as the South
African hillside is awash in blooming annuals. Really impressive.

This morning a Hooded Oriole has been calling near my house in Livermore.
I was working outside most of yesterday and heard no trace, so I am sure
it has just arrived.

White-crowns are still about and becoming a bit more obvious. They had
virtually disappeared in March - not sure if they left or were just quiet.
Now they are singing again and showing themselves. The same happened last
year. I am wondering if our winter birds left and now we have migrants
from farther south passing through or if our wintering birds just became
less conspicuous while getting ready for their journey.

While driving to Berkeley on Friday, I saw at least 6 flocks of waxwings
flying over the freeway - seemed to be 20-50 birds each.

Finally, there is a pair of crows nesting at the top of the neighbor's
redwood. If you think crows are "melodious" in their everyday
vocalizations, you should hear the mate-feeding. Sounds like they are
being strangled!

good birding,

Jaan Lepson

Hooded Orioles


At our last Mt. Diablo Audubon Society meeting on April 1, Jean Richmond reported Hooded Oriole at her feeders for 1 week in Alamo, and Harry
Adamson for 3 days in Lafayette.

Maury Stern

FOS: Black headed grossbeak Montclair

Win Kryda <winkryda@...>

I saw her yesterday which is earlier than I've seen them in the past.
Win Kryda
Mountaingate and Castle
(Back yard facing Larry Ln.. and Cobbledick Creek)

Weekend Birding on Bay Coast Trail From Emeryville to Richmond

jchiropolos <jchiropolos@...>

Biked the coast trail both Saturday and Sunday - Sunday was a great day with the storm causing the birds to be very active:

Notable spottings:

Green heron and lincoln's sparrow in Berkeley aquatic park. Look for them east of the lagoon in the wetland areas by the frisbee golf holes.

Common Murre in harbor north of Richmond marina - only on Saturday.

Red throated loon in Richmond marina.

Bank swallows in restored wetlands north of University in Berkeley.

Calling breeding orange crowned warbler in willow thicket in restored wetland north of University. Seems almost too small a patch to breed....

Surfbirds off the Emeryville bulb notable for many which have now molted in breeding colors on the tundra. I recommend that people check out their summer plumage, compared to the drab winter plumage.

No gulls except for Western, ring-billed and California. The Thayers and Glaucous winged seemed to have moved north.

Hooded orioles in Berkeley


Male and female hooded orioles seen together at the UC Botanical Gardens on Centennial Rd today about 11 AM. They were on a wire and then flew into a tree behind the restrooms near the front entrance.

Singing warbling vireos and orange crowned warblers and also Townsend's warblers seen in CA section near top of the hill by picnic benches under the oak trees.

Also saw 3 surfbirds and 4 black oystercatchers about 50 Yards south-west of point Emery on the mud during low tide. Point Emery is off of the Ashby Exit on 80 West in Berkeley. Turn left when exit the freeway and look for the parking area on a very small peninsula on your right.

Harold Newman

Garin RP, Hayward


I have to sheepishly admit that I'd forgotten a Hammonds Flycatcher had been seen there recently and I didn't come prepared to look for it. I did see an Epidimax along the creek but from the pic-nic area side. I assumed it was a Pac slope. It had a a tear shaped to the rear  eye ring. I was most impressed by it's very crisp, very white wing bars. It was moving a lot so didn't get a good look at the tail.

I watched two 1st year BULLUCKSs Orioles battle it out mid air for 3 bouts. A flurry of yellow and white tumbling around. Another bright bird was a male COMMON YELLOWTHROAT near the creek about half way to the pond from the footbridge.  Also  WARBLING VIREOS.

A juvenile GOLDEN EAGLE WAS circling high above a westerly hill. What I assume was the same COOPER'S Hawk was seen several times. First harassing a Red-tail Hawk, then  momentarily landing on a trail nearby.  Then bemoaning that I hadn't at that point seen any Orioles or much of anything, I rounded a corner and it was perched on a signpost. later it was agin chasing after the Red-tail.
Judi Sierra- Oakland

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Lesser Yellowlegs at Coyote Hills 4/5/10

George Chrisman

This evening, there were two LESSER YELLOWLEGS in the flooded field north of the entry kiosk at Coyote Hills Regional Park. Both were together and were feeding actively. There was a KILLDEEER alongside them for a good size comparision. There were also 2 GREATER YELLOWLEGS on the south side of the entrance road just past the kiosk.
There was also an AMERICAN BITTERN sitting high in the tules near the corner of the quarry parking lot and the main road. Its golden striped plumage stood out against the green tules in the fading light at the end of the day.

George Chrisman
Burlingame, CA

Re: Lesser Yellowlegs at Coyote Hills 4/5/10

Ken Schneider

Although I hadn't yet seen George's post when I visited Coyote Hills RP this morning (4/6) before work, from 0615-0750, I also detected several AMERICAN BITTERNS at the park this morning. THREE bitterns were giving their deep "pump-er-lunk" calls from the marsh from about 0640-715, two on either side of Patterson Ranch road just east of the Quarry Staging Area and one called near the entry kiosk. I never saw any of these birds. I also heard at least two VIRGINIA RAILS, but did not hear any Sora or Black Rails this morning. I saw several GREATER YELLOWLEGS, but missed the Lesser Yellowlegs today.

Two COMMON RAVENS were carrying sticks to a crude nest on one of the power towers north of the entrance road and several female RED-WINGED BLACKBIRDS were also carrying nesting material. This is a nice time to visit Coyote Hills as the vegetation is quite lush, with dense fields of flowers near Paseo Padre and very green marsh plants.

Ken Schneider

Redwood City

Lake Temescal Warblers

Arthur Robinson

Wondering where else the orioles might be that have been popping up around the area, I went to Lake Temescal this morning. I didn't find any orioles today, but in addition to the regulars, among the interesting sightings were

Wilson's Warbler (male)
Orange-Crowned Warbler (very vocal, one or two seen)
Osprey (with occasional Raven escort)
Selasphorus Hummingbird
Spotted Towhee
Wrentit (heard and brief glimpse).


Arthur L. Robinson
247 4th Street, #201
Oakland, CA 94607

Ariel battle over lake Temsecal!

jchiropolos <jchiropolos@...>

At 7 pm last night I watched a caspien tern fishing over lake Temescal in Oakland. At 7:15 an osprey flew in. The tern however, was not happy with the intruder and screeching, climbed and repeatedly dive bombed the osprey in an attempt to drive the osprey away. The osprey held it's
flight pattern and ignored the tern. After about five minutes of osprey harassment, the tern resumed it's fishing, screeching loudly whenever it's flight pattern brought it close to the osprey. Neither bird caught a fish while I was watching.

Intersting behavior.... and birds I was surprised to see at Temescal....

Garin RP: Costa's Hummer but no Hammond's

Lori Arthur <loriarthur61@...>

Hi. The Hammond's Flycatcher did not show at Garin today, although I spent a while at both of the park bench locations along the trail. At the first bench, I walked through the swampy forest and found mainly Yellow-rumped Warblers, also a few Pacific-slope Flycatchers, a Bewick's Wren, both towhees, Warbling Vireos, Robins, Annas & Allen's Hummingbirds, Song Sparrows, etc. The best bird I found there was a female Costa's Hummingbird on a willow twig directly across the trail from the bench.

The second bench, where the Hammond's is supposed to be, had many of the same birds as the first. There were more hummers, including an imm male Rufous. Also a hyperactive adult male Wilson's Warbler.

Jordan Pond had Red-winged Blackbirds, but, surprisingly, the Mallards were all in the swampy forest. Around the parking lot were: Black-headed Grosbeak (singing male), Cooper's, Sharp-shinned, and Red-tailed Hawks, and House Wren (very gray - threw me for a loop at first).

-- Noah Arthur, Oakland.

Great Blue Heron nest - pics


This nest is on private property in Alameda and I feel I should not
disclose its location. The birds are not bothered by people, but I
think the human residents would be. I was told the nest has been used
for about six years. This is an album of parents feeding their young.
The photo order was shot as it occurred.

Hayward Shoreline

Bob Richmond

Today at the shoreline -

American White Pelican - 12. This is my 4th April record at the shoreline and 3 have been in 2007 or later.

Brandt's Cormorant - 1. This is my second spring record at the shoreline, the first was about 1 month ago.

Black Oystercatcher - 1 at Hayward's Landing.

Wandering Tattler - 1 at Hayward's Landing. This is my 4th April record at the shoreline.

Ash-throated Flycatcher - 1 at Winton Ave. This is the earliest spring record I have for the shoreline. Before today, April 14th was the earliest.

Townsend's Warbler - 1 male at Winton Ave. I usually only see a few each year at the shoreline.

Hooded Oriole - 3, 1 male and 2 females in the trees along Frank's Dump East. All of my spring records at the shoreline are from 2007 or later.

Spotted Towhee - 1 at Winton Ave. is one of only 6 spring records I have at the shoreline.


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great blue heron nest

clark stanton

Speaking of great blue heron nests, there is one in a tree next to (just north) of the 16th tee on the Alameda North golf course.

Fw: Great Blue Heron nest - pics

Nancy Mix

Spotted 2 Great Blue nests at Lake Herman, east of Benicia. Take Lake Herman Rd from I680. Walk across dam to have an eye level view of 2 active nests in the dead tree in the creek.
Also, Bullock's Oriole nearby

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This nest is on private property in Alameda and I feel I should not
disclose its location. The birds are not bothered by people, but I
think the human residents would be. I was told the nest has been used
for about six years. This is an album of parents feeding their young.
The photo order was shot as it occurred.
http://www.pbase. com/vnelson/ great_blue_ herons_album
<http://www.pbase. com/vnelson/ great_blue_ herons_album>

Hayward Shoreline and San Leandro Marina

Bob Richmond

Today at the Hayward Shoreline and San Leandro Marina -

White-faced Ibis - 15 flew overhead near the park office. This is my earliest April record at the shoreline. The previous early April record was April 12.

Black Oystercatcher - 4. 2 at Hayward's Landing and 2 at San Leandro Marina.

Surfbird - 18 (estimate) at the San Leandro Marina.

Red Knot - hundreds (as usual), many in breeding plumage and some still in winter plumage.

Pacific-slope Flycatcher - 1 at Winton Ave. is the first one I have seen at the shoreline this year. They are usually a bit later at the shoreline than many other areas.