Great-Horned Owl

VN <verne_nelson@...>

Similar to Judi's report, I encountered a GHO today being harassed by a
Red-Shouldered Hawk at Oyster Bay as it tried to doze in a tree. My
arrival scared off the hawk but the owl was still awake and wary.
Later, it finally dozed off.
Here's a wide-eyed look from it before settling down.

Hayward Shoreline (9/12)

Bob Richmond

Seen at the shoreline today -

Frank's Dump West had only the usuall shorebirds.
Elegant Tern - 1 offshore from Frank's Dump West.
Pacific-slope Flycatcher - 1
House Wren - 1
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher - 1
Western Tanager - 1
Warblers, the normal ones - Orange-crowned, Yellow, and Yellowthroat.


The owl and the hawk


Running during the early dawn this morning in Strawberry Cyn, Berkeley I saw a silhouette of a perched Coopers hawk (from a distance with an extended twig tail it looked like a Cuckoo)  at the same time a Great Horned Owl started hooting ahead and then the hawk started kekking. After I passed the tree I realized the owl was close by also. I couldn't find it until it flew out followed  closely by the hawk. Both landed in another nearby tree. It wasn't clear who was harassing who.

Closer to home, I've noticed the last 4  late afternoons around the same time, Dad House Finch and two youngsters have been coming to the thistle sock in my yard. The fledges mostly sit, watch and beg at intervals. There's also a bunch of Lesser Goldfinch and House Sparrow begging fledges in the yard.

Judi Sierra- Oakland

Harlequin Duck and Brants, Brooks Island; Willow Flycatcher Richmond

Patricia Bacchetti

Hi all;

Though this morning was slightly more foggy and windy than yesterday, Brooks Island was still quite visible from the Red Oak Victory Ship at the end of Canal Blvd in Richmond. A single male HARLEQUIN DUCK, just as Bob Power described yesterday, was loosely associating with 3 recently-arrived SURF SCOTERS. Further west along the narrow beach, the 3 BRANTS were still deciding what to do next. Bobbing along out in the ship channel, a CALIFORNIA SEA LION was deciding how to spend a Sunday, too.

Back along Canal, opposite the entrance to the Honda Receiving Lot, a small creek restoration is being done as a part of the Bay Trail project. It's right below the big white tanks on the hill. I decided to check the willows, and sure enough a very cooperative WILLOW FLYCATCHER posed for pictures. Two very bright WILSON'S WARBLERS were also flying between the cottonwoods and the willows.

A very pleasant morning to be birding.

Pat Bacchetti

American Redstart @ Coyote Hills

Ken Wilson <kaeagles@...>

This afternoon a female, perhaps two, American Redstart was photographed in the butterfly garden at the visitor's center. Later after the garden closed a couple standing in the driveway leading to the back of the visitor's center believed they saw a male American Redstart. Several of us fanned out to find the birds without success.
Ken Wilson

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Brook's Island Saturday 9/11 -- Harlequin Duck, Brant

Bob Power <rcpower@...>

Hi all,

Anyone up and out early this a.m. was treated to a glassy bay and extraordinary
I had 15 minutes at the end of Marina Bay Pkwy in Richmond before being pulled

Just off-shore of Brook's Island a male Harlequin foraged. On the mudflats of
the northeast side of the Island,
3 Brant stood together debating their next move.

Good birding,

Bob Power
Oakland, CA

Coyote Hills Reg Pk - 9/10

bdisme51 <bdisme51@...>

Present this morning around the Visitor Center:
2- White-cr. Sparrows
1- Lincoln's Sparrow
2- Orange-cr. Warblers
2- Yellow Warblers
1- Townsend's Warbler
2- Wilson's Warbler
1- Willow Flycatcher
1- Red-breasted Nuthatch
3- Western Tanagers
2- Bullock's Orioles
many Pacific-s. Flycatchers

On the mudflat of Main Pond:
1- Pectoral Sandpiper

Trees along the Lizard Rock Trail:
1- House Wren

Bob Dunn
San Leandro

Ferruginous Hawk Coyote Hills Regional Park (Pictures)


Today morning I saw an all white underparts and white on upper tail Buteo above Glider Hill. I was still convincing myself that it is some weird juvenile red tail (light morph :-)). On posting to IS sites at Flickr the conclusions seems to be Juv Ferrug.

Please see link below for the distant picture of same as well as other birds seen today morning. I could not see the Western Wood Pewee or Olive Sided FC.

-Harjeet Singh.

Coyote Hills 9/9

Lori Arthur <loriarthur61@...>

Hi. I birded the various groves of trees near the Coyote Hills visitor center
today, finding relatively few migrants representing a surprisingly good
diversity. The warblers gave a one-of-each show, with single ORANGE-CROWNED,
WILSON'S, and YELLOW WARBLERS. Surprisingly, the Orange-crowned was of the
interior, gray orestera subspecies. The only migrants in large numbers were
PACIFIC-SLOPE FLYCATCHERS, seemingly with one or more in nearly every tree. Also
a few WESTERN TANAGERS, including a male with much red still remaining on his

both perching on a small snag just uphill and to the right of Hoot Hollow,
giving great views for comparison between the two species. The Olive-sided's
"vest" seemed to meet for a completely dark throat, suggesting Black Phoebe, but
the shape and posture were wrong for a phoebe, and a little orange showed around
the base of the bill.

Then Nectar Garden had a female BLACK-CHINNED HUMMINGBIRD among many ANNA'S.

There were far more non-migrants than migrants, including LESSER GOLDFINCHES,
WOODPECKERS. The most interesting non-migrants were adult SPOTTED TOWHEES
feeding a begging juvenile (seems late).

On the way out, a Solitary Sandpiper (seen with bare eyes) in the marsh
magically turned into a KILLDEER when I looked at it through the binoculars.

-- Noah Arthur, Oakland

no luck

Phila Rogers <philajane6@...>

Dear Birders:

A friend and I walked to Jewel Lake this afternoon in the slim hope that the Solitary Sandpiper might still be there.  No such luck, only the Horned Grebe was still on the lake along with a few mallards.  Even the usual Black Phoebe was not at the dam.  Seems like rare visitors seldom linger.

Phila Rogers

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Hayward Shoreline (9/7)

Bob Richmond

Seen at the shoreline today -

At Winton Ave. the only unusual bird was a Winter Wren. This is the 7th one I
have seen at the shoreline.

Frank's Dump West had no unusual shorebirds.


Mount Trashmore - Alameda, CA

ReneP <rene@...>

Yesterday, my husband and I circled the main island and Bay Farm Island on bikes. When you approach Mount Trashmore from Harbor Bay Parkway, there is a model airplane field on your left. A little further along the bike/jog trail (uphill), there are a couple of large eucalyptus trees that had a slew of birds making an incredible ruckus.

We could see some flittering in the upper branches, but we couldn't get a good enough look to make any kind of identification. If someone happens upon the trail today and can make an ID, please post!

Rene Paik

Hayward Shoreline (9/6)

Bob Richmond

Seen today at the shoreline -

Western (Pac.-slope ?) Flycatcher - 1 at Winton Ave.
Willow Flycatcher - 2 around Mt. 'T'. 1 on the north side and 1 on the west
Warbling Vireo - 1 at Winton Ave.
Oak Titmouse - 1 at Winton Ave. is my 6th shoreline record.
Orange-crowned Warbler
Yellow Warbler


Tilden Regional Park Sollitary Sandpiper


The already reported Solitary Sandpiper was across Jewel Lake when I finally left just before 2 PM. I was leaving when Jane Dang arrived, so walked back to show her where it had been. By that time it had disappeared behind the sandbar or to the left somewhere behind the branches and leaves. We set our scopes and I showed her where it had been. In a few minutes she pointed out that the bird was on the sandbar, but way to the left in front of the cattails. We watched for quite a while, then showed a couple families with children what we were watching. What a kick.

Nice bird, nice picture, Harjeet.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek

Tilden Solitary SP and Hermit Warbler


Today morning at Tilden myself and Jerry met Harold Newman who guided us
to Solitary Sandpiper at the Jewel Lake. A distant shot shows a distinct
white spectacle for sure.

A Hermit warbler was seen in packrat trail.

The other birds seen were a Belted Kingfisher, Warbling Virio,
Townsend's Warbler, Orange Crowned Warbler, Bewick's Wren, Downy

The pictures of HEWA and SOSP can be seen here. <http://>

Harjeet Singh.

Red Knots Hayward Shoreline

Matthew Dodder


Kelly and I made a run to Hayward Shoreline on Saturday lunch time.
Tide was headed out when we arrived and Shorebirds were leaving
Frank's Dump and gathering on the flats near Johnson's Landing.
Highlight for us was a flock of about a dozen RED KNOTS. Took the
opportunity to do a field sketch, which if anyone is interested, can
be seen along with a few others at:

. . .

Matthew Dodder
Mountain View, CA

Sanderlings -- Big Break

Bob Power <rcpower@...>

Hi all,

I was scouting a route today for SFBBO's fall challenge. A couple of friends and
I will be doing a CCCo big day on Sunday the 19th.

At Mitchell Canyon there was a nice group of Yellow Warblers (6), Townsend's
Warbler (2), and Western Tanager (1), in the first 1/4-mile from the trailhead
parking lot.

Somewhere on Marsh Creek Rd. where there's a big rock pile w/grafitti, I had a
Rufous-crowned Sparrow.

At Round Valley Reg. Park, a male Phainopepla zipped from oak to oak and buried
himself in the back of a tree. Due south of the parking area and across the
creek in the first row of oaks.

At the Big Break Regional Trail in Oakley, I had 2 juvenile Sanderlings, 6 adult
and 1 Juvenile Caspian Terns.

Good birding,

Bob Power
Oakland, CA

Townsend's Warbler at San Pablo Reservoir

Judith Dunham

Heading north on the trail along the west side of the reservoir, Richard Schwartz and I had our first-of-fall Townsend's Warbler in a mixed flock of Chestnut-backed Chickadees and Bushtits. The trailhead where we started is at Bear Creek Road and San Pablo Dam Road. The flock was foraging along the trail north of the watershed headquarters. (Note that an EBMUD permit is required to access the watershed trails.)

Another nice surprise was encountering two separate small flocks of Pygmy Nuthatches. It was a nuthatch day, with a good showing of Red- breasted and a few White-breasted.

Judith Dunham

Valley Vista 9/6

Steve Taylor

Today, Pamela, Carol and I did our Monday hike out of Valley Vista behind
Moraga. While our main purpose was the 7-8 mile loop hike we did spot some
interesting birds along the way.

At the start we were treated to a really nice view of a Red Shoulder Hawk
and about 12 White Pelicans sitting in the lake along with a Great Blue
Heron, some Canadian Geese, Mud Hens, a couple of Great Egret's and a

As we continued along the trail which runs by the San Leandro Reservoir we
came to a spot where we saw a Kingfisher up close, more Egret's, a couple of
Caspian Terns, another Blue Heron and several Double-crested Cormorants all
within about three or four minutes. Then we looked up in the sky and saw
two flocks of about 30 birds each which were White Pelicans flying about.
They seemed to just be riding the wind currents up in the sky. It was a
site to be hold and made the whole hike worth it. Of course we also saw
some of the usual birds such as TV's and a couple of Black Phoebe's plus
several Mallard Ducks and some other common small birds. But the real
highlight was seeing those two large flocks of White Pelicans flying about,
the Kingfisher which actually just about posed for us to see and the Caspian

Happy Birding

Steve Taylor

San Ramon

Willow Flycatcher in Richmond


This morning I birded the bike path and Bay Trail from Point Isabel to Meeker Slough from 7:30 AM-10:00 AM (Richmond, Contra Costa County). Most of the activity was in the flowering fennel that lines much of the past.

Migratory Landbird Highlights:

Willow Flycatcher-1-Near the Bayview trailhead of the Bay Trail, Richmond Annex (this is a small spur trail about 0.3 miles south of Meeker Slough) in the southwest corner of the willow clump that lines the hidden pond.

Yellow Warbler-13

Orange-crowned Warbler-2

Wilson's Warbler-1

Common Yellowthroat-1

-- Emilie Strauss
Berkeley, California

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