Common Tern at Berkeley Aquatic Park

Noah Arthur

Today there was a beautiful juvenile COMMON TERN in with the FORSTER'S TERNS sitting on rocks in the southwest part of the main lake at Berkeley Aquatic Park, just north of the boat house. The tern eventually flew, but circled back in time for a moth-collector friend of mine to get a look at it (although it probaby looked the same as the Forster's Terns to him!) Not much else going on bird-wise, but there was one IRENE'S UNDERWING MOTH and two unidentified underwing moths that may be hybrids between Irene's and Semirelict Underwings.
Noah Arthur, Oakland

Red-necked Phalaropes- Oakland Middle Harbor


I birded Oakland Middle Harbor during the late morning today.  Mostly I sat on the beach
watching the Elegant Terns wait out the tide.  In the group were also Godwits, Long-billed
Curlews, Black-bellied Plovers, and Forster's Terns.  A Belted Kingfisher hovered over 
all of them at one point.

Near the group, along the shoreline, a pair of Phalaropes fed constantly near the shore.
I think they were Red-necked juveniles. They acted as if I wasn't there, pecking at microscopic 
food in the water and occasionally foraging the water's edge where the small waves were breaking.

Here is a picture of one as a small wave rolled under it:

Miller-Knox RS - Willow Flycatcher

Laura Look <chamaea@...>

Today (Wed, Sept. 4), I saw a few unusual birds at Miller-Knox Regional Shoreline in Richmond.

A WILLOW FLYCATCHER was along Dornan Dr between Ferry Pt parking and the south duck pond parking lot.

2 Wild Turkeys were mooching with pigeons in the south pond parking lot.

5 American White Pelicans were at the pond for awhile.

A Warbling Vireo was in a mixed flock along West Ridge Trail.

A White-breasted Nuthatch was working the trees near the pond where the mooching geese and domestic ducks hang out. This was a first for me for the entire Richmond area, perhaps a post-breeding disperser from the inland hills. I almost mistook him for one of the resident Red-breasted Nuthatches.

An adult HEERMANN'S GULL flew past Ferry Pt.

Park info:

NOTE: The Dornan Dr tunnel is still closed. To reach the park, take Canal Blvd to Seacliff Dr, which takes you around to the back end of Dornan Dr at Ferry Pt.

Good birding,
Laura Look
Pinole, CA

Re: Coyote Hills (9/3) - Sora, Western Wood-Pewee

Idell Weydemeyer

-- babies soras are soooooo cute! This summer I had the incredibly good
fortune to see two adult soras and 3 babies every day for several weeks--
they were in a marsh area on a family ranch in NW Montana--a lifetime event
for me-- I had only seen soras two other times around here in 5 years.

Idell Weydemeyer

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This (9/3) afternoon there was a juvenile Sora foraging on the river bank
along the DUST Trail (trail with swallow nesting boxes) about 20 yards east
of where it meets Chochenyo Trail.  Here is a distant shot
A Western Wood-Pewee was seen on the top of plum tree behind the nectar
garden doing the usual flycatching.
Happy Birding,
Jerry Ting

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Oakland Laurel, Nutall's pair.


Heard a familiar 'pitik' sound this morning, looked up the tree in my front yard there was a pair of adult Nutall's, perhaps looking for lunch or checking out the neighborhood for next year. This is across the street from the nest a pair made earlier in the spring.

 California St.  near Maple, 11AM.  

Then again there was also a familiar notice about another armed robbery nearby at 1pm so if you're out birding in an Oakland neighborhood, do be careful and be aware of your surroundings.

Marcus Pun
Video Editor/Producer/Editor
cell 510-384-8085,  home 510-530-2507

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Coyote Hills (9/3) - Sora, Western Wood-Pewee

Jerry Ting

This (9/3) afternoon there was a juvenile Sora foraging on the river bank along the DUST Trail (trail with swallow nesting boxes) about 20 yards east of where it meets Chochenyo Trail.  Here is a distant shot (
A Western Wood-Pewee was seen on the top of plum tree behind the nectar garden doing the usual flycatching.
Happy Birding,
Jerry Ting

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Acorn woodpecker Jewel Lake, wildcat


On Saturday,&nbsp;I saw an acorn woodpecker&nbsp;by Jewel lake at Wildcat reginal park in Berkeley - my first for the park.and this may be a regula r spot for them if you know where to look. &nbsp; The woodpecker was off the lower pack rat trail, about 100 to 150 yards south of Jewel&nbsp; lake. At this location, there is a large oak that leans directly over the trail and the tree has signs of being an acorn storage tree as&nbsp;I believe&nbsp;acorn woodpeckers&nbsp;have been storing acorns in this tree for some time based on the acorns in the trunk.... &nbsp; Migration was quite good on Saturaday morning and with other birders I enjoyed Townsends wardblers, warbling virios and western tanagers.&nbsp; &nbsp; Good birding! &nbsp; Jim

Jaeger - Bay Bridge toll plaza


Work took me to San Francisco today and while waiting at the bay bridge metering lights, I was astonished to see a jaeger harrassing a gull just north of the metering lights. &nbsp; It was a chocolate&nbsp;dark phase&nbsp;bird with flashing white secondaries being an arial pirate!&nbsp; Wow - a memorable first ride over the new bay bridge! &nbsp; Also, phalaropes are feeding at the large pond where I-80- bends into the bay bridge - &nbsp;the best interstate birding in the country? &nbsp; Good birding, Jim

Northern Waterthrush, Tilden Park


At Jewel Lake in the Tilden Nature Area. The bird was in and around the cattails at the south end of the pond. It flew into the willows on the east side.
Thanks Anthony

Donner Canyon 9-2-2013

Bob Power <rcpower@...>

Hi all,

I hiked the Donner Creek - Meridian - Back Creek loop along the north foothills of Mt. Diablo this morning.
Migrant activity was very light, but I did bump into one Warbling Vireo and along Meridian had 4 Western Tanagers.
The most vocal birds of the morning were California Thrashers. Every half mile or so  there were two thrashers engaged in
September song duels or duets. see Autumnal Recrudescence.

I was distraught at the lack of Golden Eagles and my last plea to the bird gods yielded an Osprey, distant and to the east.

Good birding,

Bob Power

Oakland, CA

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Black-headed Grosbeak - Antioch yard, 9/2

Paul Schorr

Within moments after my previous posting regarding Wilson's Warblers, a first fall male Black-headed Grosbeak appeared at our seed feeder.

Continued good birding,

Paul Schorr

Wilson's Warblers - Antioch yard, 9/1-2

Paul Schorr

Yesterday and today we have had a pair of Wilson's Warblers in our yard. In addition, this morning we had a small flock of about 8 Cedar Waxwings make a brief stopover.

Yesterday morning we also had a Pacific-slope Flycatcher and a Western Wood-Pewee in the yard.

It appears that September birding is off to a great start.

Good birding,

Paul and Nancy Schorr

Hayward Shoreline Sunday


Our Golden Gate Audubon Grant Ave to Winton Ave &#39;shuttle&#39; 2.5 mile walk
attracted 34 participants; and as usual this hike was great for seeing and
studying large numbers of shorebirds.&nbsp; We began our walk with an incoming tide,
with enough mudflat still exposed for birds to feed.&nbsp; As we progressed the great
flocks began streaming south to our shared destination, the high tide roost at
&#39;Frank&#39;s Dump&#39;.&nbsp; We enjoyed some fine studies of Western and Least Sandpipers,
the former still with traces of breeding plumage. Black-bellied Plover likewise
were in &#39;transition&#39; mode, many with partial black breasts.&nbsp; And, the numbers
were wonderful to behold; Thousands of birds. A single Ruddy Turnstone
was a pleasant surprise as this species seems to be vanishing. Two Osprey were
seen as well.&nbsp; Very few ducks and but a single Clark&#39;s Grebe were seen, but we
all know that will change in a couple of months. The shorebird show was splendid
and the whole purpose of the outing. The checklist follows. Rusty Scalf Steve and Carol Lombardi

Canada Goose &nbsp;
Branta canadensis

Mallard &nbsp;
Anas platyrhynchos

Greater Scaup &nbsp;
Aythya marila

Clark&#39;s Grebe &nbsp;
Aechmophorus clarkii

Double-crested Cormorant &nbsp;
Phalacrocorax auritus

American White Pelican &nbsp;
Pelecanus erythrorhynchos

Great Blue Heron &nbsp;
Ardea herodias

Great Egret &nbsp;
Ardea alba

Snowy Egret &nbsp;
Egretta thula

Turkey Vulture &nbsp;
Cathartes aura

Pandion haliaetus

White-tailed Kite &nbsp;
Elanus leucurus

Northern Harrier &nbsp;
Circus cyaneus

Cooper&#39;s Hawk &nbsp;
Accipiter cooperii

Red-tailed Hawk &nbsp;
Buteo jamaicensis

Black-bellied Plover &nbsp;
Pluvialis squatarola

Black-necked Stilt &nbsp;
Himantopus mexicanus

American Avocet &nbsp;
Recurvirostra americana

Greater Yellowlegs &nbsp;
Tringa melanoleuca

Willet &nbsp;
Tringa semipalmata

Whimbrel &nbsp;
Numenius phaeopus

Long-billed Curlew &nbsp;
Numenius americanus

Ruddy Turnstone &nbsp;
Arenaria interpres

Black Turnstone &nbsp;
Arenaria melanocephala

Sanderling &nbsp;
Calidris alba

Western Sandpiper &nbsp;
Calidris mauri

Least Sandpiper &nbsp;
Calidris minutilla

Short-billed Dowitcher &nbsp;
Limnodromus griseus

Long-billed Dowitcher &nbsp;
Limnodromus scolopaceus

Wilson&#39;s Phalarope &nbsp;
Phalaropus tricolor

Ring-billed Gull &nbsp;
Larus delawarensis

California Gull &nbsp;
Larus californicus

Forster&#39;s Tern &nbsp;
Sterna forsteri

Anna&#39;s Hummingbird &nbsp;
Calypte anna

Black Phoebe &nbsp;
Sayornis nigricans

American Crow &nbsp;
Corvus brachyrhynchos

Barn Swallow &nbsp;
Hirundo rustica

Marsh Wren &nbsp;
Cistothorus palustris

Northern Mockingbird &nbsp;
Mimus polyglottos

European Starling &nbsp;
Sturnus vulgaris

Yellow-rumped Warbler &nbsp;
Setophaga coronata

Savannah Sparrow &nbsp;
Passerculus sandwichensis

Song Sparrow &nbsp;
Melospiza melodia

Brewer&#39;s Blackbird &nbsp;
Euphagus cyanocephalus

House Finch &nbsp;
Carpodacus mexicanus


A note of thanks, trip report, ID help needed from Milwaukeeian

Jennifer Ambrose <birdspazz@...>

Hello, everyone,

First, I want to thank all of you who took the time to respond to my query regarding birding in Walnut Creek, Muir Woods, and San Francisco. I really appreciated the feedback, especially the offers to show me around. I am sorry that I did not get to reply to everyone. The trip was short, quite whirlwind, and since I had family obligations, I couldn't solely focus on birding. 

I managed to see about 50 species, about 13 being lifers (many of which are probably common birds to most of you). These birds include:


Western Scrub Jay
Oak Titmouse
Stellar's Jay
Acorn Woodpecker
Heerman's Gull
Western Gull
California Gull
Hutton's Vireo
Chestnut-backed Chickadee
Bewick's Wren
Anna's Hummingbird
Western Grebe
California Towhee
Spotted Towhee

I only made it to the bay itself once, so I hardly saw any water birds, and we didn't have time to drive to Muir Woods, either. I was quite disappointed. For water birds, I ended up at Berkeley Pier, Shorebird Park, and Port Isabel. I wanted to go to Hayward Regional Shoreline, but their website posted that their nature center was hosting a run/walk that morning (last Sunday, the 25th), so I decided to skip it because I figured traffic and parking might be headache-inducing. I wanted to try the Albany Mudflats, but my "uncle" insisted I would not see ANY birds due to the high tide. Was he right!?

All in all, I had nice sightings of landbirds. The Stellar's Jay and Acorn Woodpecker were seen in my aunt's neighborhood/yard. The Stellar's (and the Scrub Jay) would come right up to her dining room window for peanuts, so that was fun to watch.

Most of the landbirds that I saw for the first time were viewed from a Lutheran church parking lot in LaFayette. The other places I birded were Heather Farms Gardens (quiet overall, and I went twice), Lafayette Reservoir Park, Castle Rock Park (again, quiet while I was there) and we drove up Mt Diablo halfway. I didn't really bird up there, although I managed some photos of an Oak Titmouse and of some California ground squirrels while there. 

Below is a link to photos of species that need ID confirmation, if anyone has time. The shorebird photos are terrible, so  I will understand if an ID can't be made out. I believe most of them are Black-bellied Plovers (or maybe American Goldens).

There are many other photos of the trip if you go to Flickr home page, too.

Thanks again, everyone, and please let me know if you need any tips for Milwaukee or Chicago area birding!

Jennifer Ambrose
Milwaukee, WI

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Coyote Hills(9/1)-Unknown Empid,W Wood-Pewee,Yellow Warbler

Jerry Ting

This (09/01) morning, I found an Empid Flycatcher in Willow trees on Chochenyo Trail (north of the Main Pond) about 20 yards before it turns south sharp and meets with DUST Trail.  It has a large head, complete and bold eye ring, smudged dark area on lower mandible, white throat and pale yellow underparts.  The bird was silent and bobbed the tail (not particularly slow) a couple of times during my observation.  I have ruled out Western Flycatcher because of the dark lower mandible and eye ring pattern.  I also ruled out Willow because the eye ring is too prominent.  My guess will be either Hammond's or Least Flycatcher.  But I also think the bill is to wide for a Hammond's and a bit too large for the Least.  The following is the link to my post on Flickr which contains 4 shots from different angles.  Your opinion will be much appreciated. 
Other highlights from this morning include:
Virginia Rail (1) - adult seen 20 yards east of DUST meets Chochenyo trails on the river bank.
Western Wood-Pewee (1) - seen flycatching on the top of the dead tree right out side of the outhouses in front of the Visitor Center (pic
Yellow Warbler (1) - juvenile seen inside the Nectar Garden.
Happy Birding,
Jerry Ting

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Castle Rock Park

Lynn Lakso <lakso.lynn@...>

Birded Castle Rock Park this morning for 34 species including 2 Western Kingbirds and a
flock of at least 30 Lark Sparrows on the grass playing field.
Lynn Lakso

White-crowned Sparrow

Phila Rogers

Dear Friends:

After reading Janet Ellis' post about her visit to the Tilden Botanical
Garden, I'm wondering if the White-crowned Sparrows she reported are
members of the sub-species which have been reported nesting in the East
Bay? Worth checking out.

Phila Rogers

Caspian versus Elegant terns

Anne Ardillo

I scoped out Brooks Island from Point Potrero Saturday morning and saw a
group of large terns. They looked like Caspian but frankly I wouldn't be
able to tell them apart from Elegant. Are Caspians still around and has
anyone birded that area recently?

EBRP Botanical Gardens 8/31

janet ellis

My first time in here. Right away I hear the murring of Red breasted
Nuthatches. Saw some Spotted Towhees, Lesser Goldfinch (pale), a
Red-tailed Hawk and some White-crowned Sparrows.&nbsp; One Allen&#39;s/Rufous
Hummingbird and many Anna&#39;s. What surprised me was the amount of
Townsend&#39;s Warblers. I noticed about 6 moving from tree to tree about
every 15 mins or more. Mostly foraging in the redwood trees in the upper
back level. They would fluttering in the branches right in front of me.
Janet Ellis San Leandro

Elsie Roemer Bird Sanctuary

Bill Clark

Today at Elsie Roemer Bird Sanctuary (Broadway and Shoreline Dr in Alameda), was a very large number of shorebirds at hightide (10am), including black-bellied plovers, elegant terns, semipalmated plovers, long-billed curlews and short-billed dowitichers.

Highlights included a COMMON TERN, over 10 BLACK OYSTERCATCHERS, and a WHIMBREL.

In the water, double-crested cormorants were herding (or following) a school of fish.  Least terns were diving on them from above, and egrets were stabbing at them, once the school was herded into the shallows.  It was quite a display.

Bill Clark

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