Coyote Hills (8/28) - Black-chinned Hummingbird,Warbling Vireo

Jerry Ting

I birded the area around the Visitor Center this (8/28) morning and late afternoon.  Highlights are:
Black-chinned Hummingbird (1) - seen in the plum tree (?) behind the Nectar garden late this afternoon.  Female type with long, slightly curved bill, dark ear covert, pale breast and underpart, and buffy flank (which might indicate it's a juvenile).  Here is a heavily cropped shot (
Warbling Vireo (1) - seen about noon in Nectar Garden (
Orange-crowned Warbler (1) - seen in the Nectar Garden taking a bath in the fountain under the Magnolia Tree.
Wilson's Warbler (1) - seen foraging in the Madrone on the back of the Nectar Garden.
Happy Birding,
Jerry Ting

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Mimid Morning


Both a Thrasher and Mockingbird were actively singing this morning on the upper Strawberry Canyon trail, Berkeley. There was an unidentifiable bird softly accompanying the Mockingbird in a seasonal creek ravine. I've not heard a Thrasher singing on the trail before even in the springtime.

Judi Sierra-Oakland

Alameda Creek,Niles (8/27) - Common Merganser,Wood Duck,Osprey

Jerry Ting

Follow Charlotte's great report from yesterday, late this (8/27) afternoon I birded the Alameda Creek between the old Niles and Mission Blvd bridges.  Highlights include:   Common Merganser (8) - 1 adult female and 7 juveniles ( ) Wood Duck (4) - 2 females and 2 juvenile male ( ) Osprey (1) - Belted Kingfisher (1) - female Green heron (2) - both juvenile   Yesterday (8/26) afternoon, there were about 550 Wilson's Phalaropes in the salt pond west of the boardwalk at Don Edwards SF Bay National Wildlife Refuge (Fremont).  All are in basic plumage ( )   Happy Birding,   Jerry Ting Fremont

Western Tanager in Pleasanton

richard s. cimino

This morning there was a female Western Tanager in my yard.
Later this afternoon a Rufous Hummingbird stopped long enough to feed
and then took off.
Sunday afternoon at Armstrong Nursery in Dublin there was a Rufous
Hummingbird feeding.
Rich Cimino

late summer migration

Phila Rogers

Dear Friends:

As Anthony Fisher reports: "it's happening."

In the last two days, I've heard Western Tanagers in my north Berkeley
Hills neighborhood. Each evening the tree cricket chorus is growing and
after sunset Venus commands the western sky.

-- Phila Rogers

Migrants in Tilden


Around Jewel Lake there were 5+ Western Tanagers, 5+ Townsend's Warblers and a Black-throated Grey Warbler.
It's happening...

Caspian Terns and Wood Ducks at Alameda Creek

Charlotte Allen <c.allen@...>

There must have been a lot of fish in Alameda Creek today, because there were lots of birds fishing, including 2 Caspian Terns, 1 Osprey, 5 Green Herons, 20 Snowy Egrets, 3 Great Blue Herons, and 6 Great Egrets, all in the first mile of Alameda Creek west of the Niles Staging area.

Also 2 Wood Ducks, 1 male in basic plumage and 1 female.

Here are pictures of the Wood Ducks and one of the Caspian Terns:

Charlotte Allen

Stevenson Blvd. pond

John Cant 793-5216

Yesterday the 25th between 9 and 10 I birded the pond. It is worth making
the entire circuit, which enables scoping the eastern shore.

Here is what I submitted to eBird:

Canada Goose 34

Mallard 18

Cinnamon Teal 5

Green-winged Teal 3

American White Pelican 4

Great Egret 1

Snowy Egret 35

Green Heron 1

Red-tailed Hawk 1

Common Gallinule 4 The chicks were small, about one-quarter linear
dimensions of adult. One of the adults was observed feeding a chick.

American Coot 1

Killdeer 8

Black-necked Stilt 36

American Avocet 2

Spotted Sandpiper 1

Greater Yellowlegs 2

Lesser Yellowlegs 6

Least Sandpiper 6

Long-billed Dowitcher 40 I counted 72 dowitchers and heard only
long-billed calls, saw only long-billed among adults, and no birds had the
distinctive tertials of short-billed juveniles. For safety I am recording
40 long-billed and 32 uncertain.

Short-billed/Long-billed Dowitcher 32

Wilson's Snipe 1

Eurasian Collared-Dove 3

Mourning Dove 4

American Kestrel 1

Black Phoebe 3

American Crow X Heard only.

Song Sparrow 4

John Cant


New kid on the block - Juvenile Cooper's Hawk- Alameda


Of course it's just one possibility, but the absence of my regular
Cooper's at the patio this summer might be that it was raising young.
This morning I got up to look out from the kitchen onto the patio
because a crow was making unfamiliar sounds. I spotted it in a nearby
tree and surprsingly about ten feet away from it in the same tree there
was a juvenile Cooper's Hawk. The hawk preened for a while, then chased
off the annoying crow, and returned to preen some more before finally
flying off.
Maybe this juvee was occupying my old friend during the summer, i.e.,
the hawk (Red Eye) who returned a couple of weeks ago. Could be its
offspring. It was alone, but somehow it knows about my small patio.
I don't think its presence will be tolerated for long by the resident
bird (parent?).
Here's a shot of it pausing to survey the area:

Common Tern and and early Herring Gull-Ballena Bay Alameda

Patricia Bacchetti

Hi all,

Grabbed an hour of birding this lovely afternoon just after high tide at Ballena Bay in Alameda. There was a single COMMON TERN in the larger masses of ELEGANT and FORSTER'S TERNS present. It had a reddish bill with a dark tip, and legs that were redder compared to the more orange Forster's Terns. Because it was still in alternate plumage,the carpal bar wasn't evident. The COTE kept itself separate from the masses as it sat on a stick, then disappeared when flushed by an early HERRING GULL on the breakwater. There were a couple of begging juvenile Elegant Terns putting up quite a racket.


The eBird checklist with photos is at

Middle Harbor had a large group of Elegant Terns on one of the breakwaters, and a couple of Least Terns were flying above.

Good birding,

Pat Bacchetti

Middle Harbor Shoreline Park


Stopped at Middle Harbor at around 1pm on the way home from SF, arriving a little late for shorebirds as the tide had come in further than I had planned. Hard to complain though as it's such a great location and the weather was beautiful. Highlight were three Spotted Sandpipers feeding together, a Peregrine Falcon flyby and about fifty Elegant Terns sharing the little remaining shoreline. Only other shorebirds seen were a pair of dowitchers and a dozen or so Willets.

Derek Heins

Meant to write Red-necked Phalaropes

Aaron Maizlish

Those were two Red-necked Phalaropes seen today in Berkeley not Red Phalaropes. Typing too late.


Red Phalaropes in Berkeley

Aaron Maizlish

This morning before work at a very low tide (about 8:30AM) I stopped
at some of my usual spots. At the "Sea Breeze Market Cove" - the
outlet just south of University Ave and west of the Frontage Road -
there was a tight group of 36 Dowitchers feeding near the shore.
Long-billed, I think. More than half still in summer plumage with
rufous bellies. Good numbers of Killdeer, as there have been all

I went back at 6 PM at another low tide. The Dowitchers were much
closer to University Ave. Also in the channel were two Red-necked
Phalaropes in basic plumage. They were quite close in to the new
pedestrian bridge.

I've been checking out the Albany mudflats. There are increasing
numbers of Black-bellied Plovers (20ish) and Semipalmated Plovers
(40ish) that are often close to the road. I also had a single
Red-necked Phalarope there last week.

Aaron Maizlish
San Francisco/Emeryville

Lawrence's Goldfinch in Palomares Hills (Casto Valley)

Mike Shannon

I have been hearing him all day long and finally spotted him in a tree near
my feeder. Not in breeding plumage (maybe it is a female). The call is

Mike Shannon

Castro Valley


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Subject: [EBB_Sightings] Wandering Tattler Richmond Marina

A wandering tattler was present at the middle of the north side of the
Richmond Marina Wednesday night. I presumably also saw the same tattler
Friday night at the northeast corner of the Marina. Also present in the
marina were 7 black oysttercatchers which may be my high count while birding
and biking the marina.

Also of note - first sanderlings of the year at meeker slough along with 3
greter scalp and one northern shoveler. The brandt were not observed.

Posted to the list serve at 11 am Thursday, but for some reason my posts are

Good birding!


Wandering Tattler Richmond Marina

j.chiropolos <j.chiropolos@...>

A wandering tattler was present at the middle of the north side of the Richmond Marina Wednesday night. I presumably also saw the same tattler Friday night at the northeast corner of the Marina. Also present in the marina were 7 black oysttercatchers which may be my high count while birding and biking the marina.

Also of note - first sanderlings of the year at meeker slough along with 3 greter scalp and one northern shoveler. The brandt were not observed.

Posted to the list serve at 11 am Thursday, but for some reason my posts are delayed.

Good birding!


Common Tern in Alameda

Mark Rauzon

This is the time of year to look for Common Terns, as Michael Park
reported for Middle Harbor. At high tide today I went to
Ballena Bay in Alameda, and found one perched on the
same stick where a year ago I saw one. I wonder if it's the same bird?

I got a diagnostic photo of it flying, showing the dark edge of primary
feathers in the first shot and the shorter tail and thinner bill in the
second photo.

To reach this area, go through the Posey tube to the end of Webster,
turn right on Central Ave. and go north, past Crab Cove for several
more blocks and turn left at Ballena Bay and go all the way out that
road to the dog park at the end. The terns were on the breakwater at
high tide at 1 pm today, along with a couple common and 10 elegant
terns, 200 forster's terns, 1 heermann's gull, 3 black oystercatchers,
12 black
turnstones, and 7 greater yellowlegs.

Do a good tern daily.

Mark Rauzon

Catching the red eye- Cooper's Hawk on the patio- Bay Farm Island, Alameda


The Cooper's Hawk that hunts my patio birds has returned after an
absence of several months. It announced its arrival about a week ago
when it swooped in and out of my kitchen through the open patio door
nearly hitting me as I sat at a table!
A few days ago it tried for the birds again and was again unsuccessful,
landing on the fence afterward. It's looks a little worn in the
feathers but otherwise seems healthy:
I speculate that I didn't see it during the summer because it was
hunting the abundance of fledgling songbirds waiting in trees to be fed.

RFI from out of town birder--best places to bird in a limited time?

birdspazz <birdspazz@...>

Hello, everyone!

My name is Jennifer and I will be arriving in San Francisco this evening. I have been birding for five years, but have never birded on the west coast, so even most of the common birds will be lifers for me. I'm coming to California to visit family, but I want to get in some birding (I will have four days). I have a list of birding spots in San Francisco, but of those, which might be the best for seeing shorebirds/seabirds/gulls?

I will actually be staying in Walnut Creek, and my family members live in Orinda, so if there are any good inland spots nearby, I would like to hear about them as well.

Finally, I am supposed to go to John Muir Woods to see the sequoia trees. Are there any birding opportunities there or nearby?

Thank you so much,

Jennifer Ambrose
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Don Edwards SFBNWR,Coyote Hills(8/20)-Elegant Tern,Ruddy Turnstone,W Tanager

Jerry Ting

This (8/20) late afternoon I birded the Shoreline Trail head area just north of the Dumbarton Bridge in Don Edwards SF Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Highlights include:

Elegant Tern (3) - all adult seen with hundreds of Willets and Marbled Godwits on island east of the Shoreline Trail head (pic
Ruddy Turnstone (1) - still have some breeding plumage (pic Same location as above.
Least Tern (1) - seen foraging on the shore along the trail.

Later I headed to Coyote Hills birded the Visitor Center and Main Marsh. Highlights are:
Western Tanager (1) - juvenile seen in the Alder tree beside the Visitor Center gate.
Swainson's Thrush (1) - same location as above.
American Kestrel (1) - seen hunting dragonflies around the pond just off the park entrance road (pic
Wilson's Phalarope (1) - seen in the Main Pond.
Lesser Yellowlegs (14) - also seen in the Main Pond.

Happy Birding,

Jerry Ting

shorebird class discount for young birders

John Sterling

Photos of Monterey Curlew Sandpiper, the LA Red-necked Stint and other new photos are up on my on Photo Gallery tab, then Recent Photos gallery.

Todd Easterla and I will be teaching our Shorebird Weekend class on Sept. 7 and 8 and will offer the class to young birders, age 18 and under for free. Spread the word.

We'll be tackling all of the ID issues for "normal" California shorebird species as well as the rare species from central and eastern U.S. and from Eurasia. See my website for details at


John Sterling

26 Palm Ave
Woodland, CA 95695
530 908-3836