Late Swallow in Heather FArm Park, Walnut Creek


This morning about 9:30, I found a late Northern Rough-winged Swallow at Heather Farm Park in Walnut Creek. The swallow was perched in a small tree between the large, mostly natural pond and the equestrian center. In the same tree were at least one House Finch and a Mourning Dove. The swallow seemed content to sit there, facing away from me, until someone walked their dog along a path adjacent to the tree. The Rough-winged Swallow flew past me and over the pond. I could not follow it.

The White-throated Sparrow continues in the brush at the south end of the equestrian area. I threw a little seed about 9:40 and within a few minutes it joined its numerous Zonatrichia cousins. I was looking for this bird in October, but maybe it arrived while I was visiting Honduras the first week this month. I have seen it every day I looked last and this week.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek

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