Varied Thrush

Steve Taylor

While hiking on Mt. Diablo today with Leslie, Carol and Pamela we came upon
a Varied Thrush which while common, most of us have never noticed. It was
located in the Rock City area of the park.

Also on a side note while hiking from Sunol Regional Park to Mission Peak
last Friday I saw at least twenty Yellow Billed Magpie's up in the area of
Sunol where it becomes Mission Peak Regional Park. What I feel is
significant here is that ten years ago or more, when I hiked in Sunol you
saw lots of Magpie's but for the last several years there have not been any
and if you wanted to see this bird you had to go over to the Livermore area.
By seeing these twenty maybe they are making a comeback in the Sunol area.
I hope so and they are nice to see.


San Ramon

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