Lake Merritt this morning

Noah Arthur

Migrants continue to be many but with poor diversity in the East Bay. Probably the oddest bird this morning at Lake Merritt was a nervous BAND-TAILED PIGEON flying between treetops in the community/botanical garden. I've never seen one at the lake before. Also in the garden was an early SOOTY FOX SPARROW, plus a few common migrants like TOWNSEND'S WARBLER and 'WESTERN' FLYCATCHER. The big warbler flock was in the birches/oaks/pines near the corner of Grand and Perkins, where good numbers of YELLOW WARBLERS were flitting around, plus another empid that was probably a 'Western'. I briefly saw and heard a warbler that cocked its tail up wren-like and made a short, low, flat, monotone buzz flight call, similar to a Yellow flight buzz but lower and flatter. I didn't manage to see any plumage color/pattern and my guess is that it was a Yellow (I saw a couple of Yellows cock their tails too), but Chestnut-sided might also be possible. The big oaks around the old fountain and bowling lawn were probably hiding more birds; I got brief views of WILSON'S WARBLER and WESTERN TANAGER way up there. 

Noah Arthur (Oakland)

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