Mt Trashmore 11/15 - longspurs, mystery Emberizid

Lori Arthur <loriarthur61@...>

The LAPLAND LONGSPURS continued at Mt Trashmore (Hayward Shoreline, W. of Winton
Ave parking lot) this morning, apparently more than 2 -- I would guess about 4,
although they moved around alot and were never all together. One distant flushed
longspur may have been the Chestnut-collared, but I'm not sure.

The most interesting bird was found by me and a birder named Jim, at the NE
corner of Mt Trashmore. It flushed out of the weeds near the yellow pole at the
NE corner and flew into a small mallow plant, where it hunkered, only showing
its head. After another flush, I got good views of its back, but never saw the

It was about the size of Savannah Sparrow; its tail was very short (like an
Ammodramus sparrow), and its bill was stubby and pink. The face had a muted
longspur-like pattern, but was washed with pale brown-gray, with a uniform look.
Complete whitish eye-ring. The throat was white, with very broad dark lateral
throat-stripes. The back was grayish brown, with fine, sharply-defined black
streaks. It had interesting behavior, flushing almost underfoot and running,
then either stopping or flying a short distance. When standing, it stood
somewhat straight-upright.

Noah Arthur, Oakland 

(Jim - could you send me an email please? I'd like to compare our observations
of this bird. My email address is

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