Baird's Sandpipers at Waterbird Park, Martinez

Judith Dunham

I plead guilty to putting sightings on eBird and not posting. So I'm going to engage in some behavior modification going forward.

Six East Bay birders stopped at the park when returning from Napa. We birded from the main parking lot, then went to the west side of the park via Arthur Avenue off I-680. We parked at the first pullout on the service road leading north, then walked to where we could see the south end of the water. Scoping the shoreline and inlets, we found four BAIRD'S SANDPIPERS, then discovered a fifth when scoping from the wood overlook near the tunnel to the plant. The birds were there around 11:45 and remained when we left about an hour later.

eBird report:

Judith Dunham
Berkeley, CA

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