Baird's Sandpipers, McNabney Marsh, Martinez


Hugh Harvey and I, after a bit of searching, were able to get a decent look at four BAIRD'S SANDPIPERS on the east edge of the south end of McNabney Marsh (Waterbird Regional Preserve), Martinez. This viewing location is accessed from the service road to the Mt. View Sanitary District offices.
After you pass through the gate at the end of Arthur Rd., park along the narrow asphalt pull-out on the right. Do not park on the grass shoulder. Walk north a hundred yards until you have a clear view of the water. For those  unfamiliar with this marsh, here's a Google Maps link:

The four birds were scattered among just a few Western Sandpipers allowing for an ideal contrast in size, bill shape and overall color tone.

Good birding,
Tracy Farrington
Walnut Creek

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