Patterson Pass Ohlone Audubon trip

richard s. cimino

Today the Ohlone Audubon Patterson Pass trip scored big on raptor species.

Thirteen birders, including a few species hungry e Birders seeking to
break through

200 Alameda County species showed up.

Beginning at the top of the Patterson Pass Rd, our first stop looking
east a

Juvenile Golden Eagle and an Adult Ferruginous Hawk appeared. After
several minutes

Of following the Ferruginous Hawk an Adult Golden Eagle appeared
directly over us.

So close if you had a step ladder you may have been able to touch the eagle.

On to road marker 4.98 to 5.47 sighting of four Red-tailed Hawks, three
Mountain Blue Birds

and a single Burrowing Owl.

On to road marker 6.21 we walk east towards the yellow arrow sign:

Rich Nicholson scoping the slopes with brush to the east-southeast found
a Greater Roadrunner. We watched a Greater Roadrunner for well over a
half an hour. Also at this location were two Loggerhead Shrikes, a
Northern Harrier, Say's Phoebes, Rock Wren and a flock of 20 Larks Sparrows.

Parking east of the railroad viaduct at what I call the Bull Swamp we
had a Tri-Color Black Bird and a Wilson's Snipe.

At this point we ( Mary Krentz, Jim Ross, Rich Nieholson, Kim Kuska,
Tadd Otlman) began scoping the transmissions line towers and found a
wonderful Dark Phase Juvenile Ferruginous Hawk.

Wendy Naruo has a fine photo of this hawk in flight showing the under
wing marking.

We chased the Ferruginous hawk to the power substation near Midway Rd.
and found an additional four more Ferruginous Hawks two adult's and two
juvenile's. At this junction Kim Kuska spotted two Rough-legged Hawks
flying south over us. They made a wide turn and flew over Patterson Pass
Rd. towards HY580.

The best event today was almost every birder added a life bird or a new
county bird.

A total of thirty two species were observed or heard.

Trip Facilitator/Leader

Rich Cimino

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