Inspiration Point White-throated Sparrow, Western Tanager

Denise Wight

Hi E.B. Birders,

This morning there was a White-throated Sparrow (tan-striped) at Inspiration Point in Tilden Regional Park.  It was foraging with a flock of about 20 Golden-crowned Sparrows directly below the EBMUD trail sign-in stand, which is right below the parking lot. 

I took the Inspiration Trail north (EBMUD permit required), then down hill about a half mile to a stock pond. Here 10 Canada Geese floated motionless like posed decoys when I approached. It took about 5 minutes until they started moving again.  I'm guessing these were not the regular city-park geese from their behavior and their choice of remote location. 

I also heard two calls from a Western Tanager, but did not see it.

All the Best Birding,
Denise Wight
Moraga, CA

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