Tilden Pk. Botanic Gardens to Berkeley Pier to Hayward Shoreline

richard s. cimino

I spent a few hours in the Tilden EBRP Botanic Garden today hoping to
locate an Evening Grosbeak.
No luck on the Evening Grosbeak, but did have a 1st winter female Hermit
Warbler with a mixed flock of Townsend's Warblers, Yellow-rumped
Warblers and Chestnut-backed Chickadees.
The Hermit Warbler was seen in section 5 - "Pacific Rain Forest" section.
Other interesting species in the Botanic Gardens were two Golden
Kinglets and up to nine Hutton's Vireos.
While driving to the Berkeley Pier this afternoon I received a call from
Bob Richmond and Zack Baer regarding Longspurs on Mt. Trashmore.
Being very close to the pier and wanting to find the reported Pacific
Loon Zack had been reporting, so I continued on to the pier.
The Pacific Loon was located on the south side of the pier seven
'street" light's up from the beginning of the pier.
Other interesting species were seven Horned Grebes, a Pelagic Cormorant,
Ring-billed , Heermann's and Western Gulls.
A kayak appeared and moved the Pacific Loon with in three "street'
light's from the pier entrance behind the Hot Dog stand.
On Mt Trashmore, (MTT) Hayward Shoreline I walked the foot path to the
northwestern edge(NWE) of the MTT.
I flushed a longspur type sparrow which never flew, it hunkered down and
ran, the bird had white in the tail and a full eye ring, I'm thinking a
Vesper Sparrow or a McCown's Longspur.
I discussed with Bob Richmond and neither of us could decide what I saw.
Finding the Chestnut-collared Longspur:
There is a pipe about four foot high in the NWE with a*/_red cap_/* from
the pipe follow the foot path south to a gravel road at this point
several Savannah Sparrow's began popping up and down.
It is in this area where I observed a Chestnut-collared Longspur along a
drainage ditch draped with heavy black plastic.
Also three "larking' sparrow size bird did circle over me at one point,
Bob Richmond has seen the Longspurs performing in this manner in the past.
Have a great Sunday,
Rich Cimino

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