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Thanks Dave, John and Serena,

It has to be a fledged Red-shouldered, but it certainly resembled a Goshawk. Knowing that is highly improbable, okay, nigh impossible, I wondered what else could be close. Struck by the long tail, the slenderness, the facial patterns all in the morning glow without glasses. . . .

Fun to see. Thanks for the help!


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Hi Steve,

Perhaps it was recently fledged Red-shouldered Hawks. And the call you heard may of been begging calls for food. Young raptors are usually more slender & longer then adults and have a different feather pattern and coloration.

Dave Barry
Santa Rosa

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Hi all,

This morning, I saw an odd raptor perched on a post alongside the Monte Vista football field. I didn't have my binocs and the glare off the stands was tough; however, it looked like a very large accipiter-like raptor. Looked similar to a very large Cooper's, but seemingly much bigger and longer, though similar coloration, especially around the head. Long tail and bent wings in flight. It flew and uttered a very soft flight call several times. Not the right coloration for a Red-shouldered; too thin for a Red-tailed. When it flew, another similar raptor took flight, as did what appeared to be the resident Red-shouldered. Am really perplexed.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Steve Hutchcraft
Alamo, CA

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