Peregrine @ Coyote Hills

Ken Wilson <kaeagles@...>

Today around 4:30 as I was departing Coyote Hills there was a single Peregrine Falcon perched high on the tower at the left side of the road as you drive back towards Paseo Padre.

Other raptors and predators seen:

Two American Krestels, one was seen prior to leaving the park and the other as I climbed Red Hill Trail heading northwest. A Northern Harrier was also noted above the same trail. Several Red-tailed Hawks and Turkey Vultures patrolled the skies above. A White-tailed Kite and Loggerhead Shrike were seen from the Old Quarry parking lot at the western end in trees on the opposite side of the adjacent trail. The Shrike had captured its next meal.

Ken Wilson

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