Lots of Caspian Terns at Middle Harbor Shoreline, Least terns too, ID question

Megan Jankowski

There were about 50 Caspian Terns at Middle Harbor Shoreline park this afternoon around low tide, Sunday July 10. Some were flying and calling but most were sitting on a patch of sand fairly close to the mole. There was one juvenile flying and squealing after an adult. It was by far the most Caspian Terns I've ever seen at one time.

Also present were Least Terns fishing, maybe about 10 to 15 of them, and a lot of Marbled godwits. There was some kind of sandpiper associating with the godwits, about 5 or so of them. They were half as tall as the godwits, kind of stocky, very mottled and had some what of a brown eyestripe. Any ideas what they were are welcomed.

Megan Jankowski


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