Windy day at Mitchell Canyon 4-30-16

Matthew Dodder


I led my Palo Alto Adult School advanced birding class to Mitchell Canyon yesterday. Despite the gusty winds (up to an estimated 20 mph) we persevered until lunch time but missed several species we had hoped to find.

Highlights were a WESTERN KINGBIRD along the creek not far from the visitors center, an OLIVE-SIDED FLYCATCHER and a WESTERN WOOD PEWEE, both season firsts for many participants, near the Red Road junction. ASH-THROATED FLYCATCHERS were numerous and easily seen throughout the day. Only one Empidonax was found, a PACIFIC-SLOPE FLYCATCHER ear the White Canyon turnoff. We also had stunning views of a male LAZULI BUNTING a few hundred yards south of the White Canyon turnoff. We had the full compliment of Vireos, but CASSIN'S VIREO was only detected by voice.

Warblers were especially difficult to locate in the wind. We had many ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLERS (many by voice), and a single TOWNSEND'S WARBLER.

The hike up to the White Canyon slope was not rewarded with Calliope Hummingbird as the winds were brutal when we arrived.

Somehow, the Butterflies and Dragonflies managed to survive in the breeze, and we had an incredible show of them. The Mount Diablo Globe Lily was in full bloom as well!

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Matthew Dodder
Mountain View, CA

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