Lawrence's Goldfinches and 6 species of woodpeckers along Mines Road

Derek Heins <derek.heins@...>

Jim Chiropolas and I rode an abbreviated version of Mines Road today from the 10 mile marker out to the meadow past the Junction and back. We found two groups of Lawrence's Goldfinches, the first at mile marker 17.5 and the second just past the Santa Clara County line. Look at the heavily grazed meadows with green grass just beginning to grow. The second group included roughly 60 Lawrence's with several Pine Siskins (interesting habitat for them) and allowed great close-up views in the morning light. Woodpeckers included 4 Red-breasted Sapsuckers and 10-15 Lewis' Woodpeckers just past the Junction.

Mines Road is beautiful and interesting in the late fall.

Derek Heins

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