Yellow-breasted Chat at Little Yosemite

Matthew Dodder


I led my Palo Alto Adult School advanced birding class to Sunol Regional Park today. We had many of the expected species including COMMON MERGANSER, GOLDEN EAGLE, SHARP-SHINNED and COOPER'S HAWK, WARBLING, and CASSIN'S VIREO, ASH-THROATED FLYCATCHER, WESTERN KINGBIRD, RUFOUS-CROWNED SPARROW, BLACK-HEADED GROSBEAK, and BULLOCK'S ORIOLE. Most birds were not in the mood to be viewed however, so we had to test our song recognition frequently. Perhaps the breeze kept things down and hidden.

We did however hear a YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT along the Ohlone Road at Little Yosemite. We heard it on the uphill side of the road near the cattle guard just before the overlook. It called repeatedly with its distinctive halting song. 

For those interested in Odonata and Lepidoptera, species seen included California Darner, Black Saddlebags, Variegated Meadowhawk, Red Rock Skimmer, Vivid Dancer, Western Forktail and California Spreadwing. Many Buttefflies too! Variable Checkerspot, California Sister, California Buckeye, Western Tiger Swallowtail, a few Sara Orange-Tip.
Matthew Dodder
Mountain View

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