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Mike Shannon

Yep, we saw him as well...and lots more, so many pintail and quite a few green winged teal north of Franks Dump. There was large flocks of birds in Franks Dump, west, I am never sure if they are dunlin or red knots, A Least Tern scolded us as we biked. Also, Northern Shovelers and Coots and a few mallard. Eared (I think) grebes in the bay. We saw a along billed Curlew and song and white crowned sparrows. Many black necked stilts and a few American Avocet. The tide was very high and still coming in and the canal thingy was mostly empty. Was that a Barrows Goldeneye? It almost had to be. Not a bufflehead in sight. There was a Coopers Hawk on the power tower just down from the 1st lot at Winton, where the Tropical Kingbird was. Otherwise, and strangely, we did not see any other raptors. I always forget to spend a moment and id the sea gulls, sorry.

Mike Shannon
Castro Valley

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