Eastern Alameda County CBC results

richard s. cimino

The Eastern Alameda County CBC was held on Friday Dec.18.  With all 30 sections reporting a total of 149 species being observed.

Included are three late migrants:  Han Peeters and team found 12 Cliff Swallows over San Antonio Reservoir (closed to the public). Joe Di Donato and team found an Orange-Crowned Warbler on San Francisco PUC watershed property.  Anthony and Yvonne McHugh found a Western Tanager in the Pleasanton Sport Park on Hopyard Rd at Valley Ave. The WETA was close to side streets - Curtis and Parkside (37.681729-1211.893271)

Of interest were two Common Loons on Shadow Cliff EBRP found by Bill Rose and his team. Not far from Shadow Cliff EBRP, on Zone 7 Chain of Lakes (closed to the public) the Phil and Pat Gordon team recorded 81 Horned Grebes and 110 Clarks Grebes.  In Del Valle EBRP Steve Hackabone and team recorded a Bell’s Sparrow. Brenda Santuria and her team in the Township of Sunol recorded 20 Red-breasted Nuthatches. Jeff Miller and his team counted 21 Rock Wrens in Sunol EBRP.

Four missed birds which have been recorded on the past six EAC-CBC counts were the Northern Pintail, Cinnamon Teal, Green Heron and Marsh Wren.

The EAC-CBC was established to gain knowledge of and to inventory raptors using the Amador Valley (now Tri-Valley) floor for wintering raptors west of the Altamont Pass Wind Resource Area.

The raptor count for EAC – CBC 2015 is:

Osprey 4, White-tailed Kite 26, Bald Eagle 8, Northern Harrier 27, Sharp-shinned Hawk 11, Copper’s Hawk 12, Red-shouldered Hawk 40, Red-tailed Hawk 175, Ferruginous Hawk 4, Golden Eagle 33, American Kestrel 87, Peregrine Falcon 13, Merlin 7 and  Prairie Falcon 2.

I want to thank the 82 counters and section leaders who made this CBC possible.


Rich Cimino

Eastern Alameda County CBC Compiler

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