Black Scoter at Richmond Marina area plus other interesitng sightings

George A Suennen

Hello All,

Got a good look at a male Black Scoter in the Richmond Marina, on the southeast corner of the Inner Harbor Basin. It was mixed in with a group of Scaups.

Photos at:

It was calling out on a regular basis, when it was joined by a female Surf Scoter accompanied by 4 males. The female seemed enamored by the Black Scoter, and the male Surf Scoters were parade around the "intruder". After a while the Black Scoter flew off with the female Surf Scoter, leaving the other males wondering what happened.

Photos at:

While on the South side of the Inner Harbor a Black Oystercatcher flew over to where I was standing with a mussel in bill. After landing it proceeded to eat it's catch.

Photos at:

Then a Crow showed up with another mussel and tried to eat it, but had a difficult time. It finally managed to get both feet on one side and it's bill on the other side of the shell to opened it up.

Photos at:

It must have been my luck day, because then a Pelagic Cormorant surface in front of me with a shrimp and a Horned Grebe with a pipefish.

Comorant at:

For the complete set of photos you can go to:

Got some good shots today, 214 photos, 48 different species. Overall a great bird day.

Best Regards,

P.S. I took a short video of the Back Scoter and am uploading it to Youtube. It's not very good, the wind noise is pretty bad, so it's hard to hear him calling. Also holding the camera steady with a 600 mm lens on a monopod is difficult. Anyway when it's done uploading it'll be at:

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