Prairie Falcon - Springtown (North Livermore) CBC


During the Eastern Alameda County CBC today, while scoping the fields and hills from the west end of Arroyo Las Positas (access at Springtown Blvd. near Rhododendron), Rich Nicholson and I had a Prairie Falcon on a fence post on a ridge to the west.  A Golden Eagle was feeding on a fence post to the north.  We had a particularly raptor-filled CBC which included 19 kestrels, a merlin, 19 Red-Tailed Hawks, a Cooper's Hawk, 3 harriers, 8 kites, and 6 Golden Eagles, 3 of them flying together over the field at Croak Road and Fallon.

Another highlight was a flock of more than 120 Long-Billed Curlews flying around and settling to forage in a field off Hartman Road, west of N. Livermore Ave.

We found Tricolored Blackbirds among the Red-Winged Blackbirds in a flock of hundreds at a cattle pasture about 2 miles up Doolan Road.  

Say's Phoebes seemed to be everywhere; we saw 14 in all.

Stephanie Floyd


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