Joaquin Miller Park - Red Crossbills continue

richard s. cimino

Sorry for the late posting, yesterday between 9-10:30 AM up to four Red Cross bills continued in the area of the Sequoia Arena are and the Chabot Space and Science Park. The Red Crossbills were mixed in with about 30+ Pine Siskins. I found the best viewing area is the third level of the Chabot parking garage. The mixed group settle in the young Redwoods directly behind the blue Handicap Parking signs.
They also used the Redwood Bowl Staging parking area redwoods.It was here that two type of Kinglets, Nut Hatches, Varied Thrush, Hairy Woodpecker and Townsend's Warbler were seen. Thanking Graham Chisholm, Mark Rauzon and Arron Maizlish for the earlier posting with good directions.
Enjoy the rain,
Rich Cimino

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