My. Trashmore, Sunday morning

Mike Shannon

hi birders,

The Doctor and I walked about Mt. Trashmore this morning.  A medium handful of Snow Geese were there among the Canada Geese. We also saw quite a few Meadowlarks moving in small spurts from one spot to the next.  We did not see the long spur that has been reported recently.  Moving westward we saw many finches, purple as well as Goldfinches.  Song Sparrow, White Crowned Sparrow and maybe Gold Crowned Sparrow were in the thickets down to the inshore wet area.  A Harrier cruised by and a Coopers Hawk was near the cars. Great Egret and Snowy Egret, one each. Solitary sandpiper near the bridge and a flock of Willet on the rock just offshore (the tide was WAY in). Pipit along the walkway near the burned out area north of the canal (slough?).  I neglected to look closely at the few gulls that were around.  A couple crows were also near the parking area and also a very noisy Anna's Hummingbird.


Mike Shannon (and the Doctor)

Castro Valley

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