White-winged Scoter, Richmond Marina

Sheila Dickie

The White-winged Scoter previously reported by Lucy Kihlstrom was seen today Saturday, November 21, at 3 p.m. by two birders (thanks to the other person, Jean, who turned up at the right time). The scoter appeared to be a female and stayed in the same spot for about one hour. Location in the Richmond Marina. Standing on the boardwalk in front of Salute Restaurant walk to the right and the path turns into an open space overlooking the boats--between Salute and the Harbor Master's office and boat ramp. The scoter was diving alongside the Richmond Police and Fire motorboats. It left at 4 p.m. swimming out into the open water of the marina when the firemen came to load up their boat.

I walked around but not did not refind the previously posted Black Scoter.

Sheila Dickie

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