Red-shouldered Hawk and Cedar Waxwings in El Cerrito

George A Suennen

Hello all,

While driving on Colusa behind the EC High School I saw a Red-shouldered Hawk on the telephone wire crossing the street. I haven't seen one just sitting still in the middle of the road before, so I stopped and took a photo. Later I stopped by the Canyon Trail Park and saw a lot of Cedar Waxwings, along with Townsend's Warblers and Yellow-rumped Warblers. I got a few good photos of these plus a very cooperative Black Phoebe. When I was leaving the park as the sun was setting, I saw a Red-shouldered Hawk in a tree surrounded by size Crows. The crows were trying to get the hawk to fly, but it just stayed where it was until the crows gave up about 10 mins. later.

I posted my photos at:

I think you'll like the shots of the Cedar Waxwings, they came really close while feeding on the pyracanthas.

Best Regards,

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