Hayward Shoreline

Matthew Dodder


I led my Palo Alto Adult School advanced birding class to Hayward Shoreline on West Winton yesterday. We had several highlights including a BURROWING OWL along the channel leading out from the parking area, a pair of COOPER'S HAWKS in a dispute, at least two NORTHERN HARRIERS, a MERLIN (columbarius) near the footbridge leading to the marsh, WHIMBREL several RUDDY TURNSTONES and a couple of BLACK TURNSTONES on the breakwater south of Frank's Dump. We were also fortunate to view RIGEWAY'S RAIL in the marsh as it made its way along the edges.

The overlook was filled with WESTERN MEADOWLARKS, AMERICAN PIPITS and a few HORNED LARKS, but it was difficult to get a good look as they passed through the grass.

On the bay were FORSTER'S, ELEGANT and a single COMMON TERN, an OSPREY and all the GREBES except Red-necked. Frank's Dump was essentially empty when we arrived, but as we left, it began to fill up with thousands of Shorebirds that streamed in over our group. Quite a beautiful sight!

Matthew Dodder
Mountain View

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