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C Lou

Friday. Grasshopper continues at Arrowhead Marsh. 

Calvin Lou

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Ran into David Moore at Arrowhead Marsh this afternoon, about 30 minutes before high tide. He pointed out the Grasshopper Sparrow that was feeding in the dirt area on the side of the path opposite the water. The bird was very cooperative. Dave asked what my closest focus was and he wasn’t kidding - it practically climbed in my pocket - coming about 4 feet away at its closest.

In addition to the Grasshopper Sparrow, there were at least 2 Ridgeway’s Rail and 1 Sora, in addition to the waders having out on the still closed pier.

There is a link to the photos including one I shot with my iPhone to show how close the bird came.

Good birding,

Cal Walters
Piedmont, CA

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