Migrants and winter visitors

Megan Jankowski

My mom was in town this weekend and we spent a lot of time at various parks. Here are some highlights.

Female pintail spotted by herself on Friday at Rotary Nature Center, Lake Merritt, Oakland.

Red-breasted sapsucker at Joaquin Miller Park on the Bishop's Walk trail. 

Five Elegant Tern at Elsie Roemer Bird Sanctuary, Alameda on Sunday. Also present were Dunlin, Black-bellied plovers.

Yesterday outside the Gardens at Lake Merritt I spoke to a birder, Anna, who had a Red-shouldered hawk in a tree. Suddenly a Cooper's Hawk flew up into the same tree. Anna spotted a band on the Cooper's. It was orange, right leg, with what looked like a 3 on top of a K in white lettering. Spotted a few Ruddy ducks in the lake too.

Lots of yellow-rumped warblers everywhere!

Megan Jankowski

Oakland, CA

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