{EBB Sightings] vaux's swifts at McNear Brick and Block in san Rafael

Maureen Lahiff

same reply I sent to SF Birds:

we started counting in early Sept

still coming through!

Golden Gate Audubon has had 2 trips, the one coming up on Fri the 25th is full,
due to limited parking, there were sign-ups.

Marin Audubon has one on the 23rd; Ohlone Audubon had one on the 19th.

come out any night; there will likely be members of the informal counting team
there. if you have a scope, please bring it, otherwise, you can see pretty well with binoculars.

part on the road to the brick yard, near bu not on San Pedro Road.

on warm, low wind days, entry starts later than on windy, rain-coming days.

arriving an hour before sunset should get you the amazement.

Maureen Lahiff

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