Re: what does "HY" mean? hatching year = first year?

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As an aside to what Kay explained, I had all sorts of trouble with my reports to the bird banding laboratory while working on Hawaiian birds. Since some species bred year-round, I would have HY birds that were flagged for being unacceptably early. After all a bird hatched in December is for all intents and purposes biologically HY in January. Otherwise, I could end up with an SY nestling! They relented and let me code them as I felt was biologically correct.


On Aug 29, 2015, at 10:56, Kay Loughman [EBB_Sightings] <> wrote:

David and all,

Yes, HY=Hatching Year. Meaning the bird was hatched in 2015. On
January 1, 2016, the bird is automatically labelled SY=Second Year, if
it has plumage characteristics that allow you to make that distinction,
or if you have been following that specific bird and know it was
previously a HY. If neither of those conditions apply, the bird is
labelled AHY=After Hatching Year. Some species (e.g. gulls, some
raptors) have plumage characteristics which allow you to identify as 3rd
or 4th year.

Hope that helps,

Kay Loughman
one-time active bird bander, where those designations matter

David Couch [EBB_Sightings] wrote:

Several recent messages refer to "HY" warblers.
Is this the banding term "HY" meaning hatching year?
In other words, a first year warbler?

My guess is that several other list subscribers are ignorant of this
as much as I was and perhaps still am.

David Herzstein Couch

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