OT: Butterfly vagrant incursion -- Heads Up!

Noah Arthur

Hi everyone. A bit off-topic but hopefully good info for anyone who's into butterflying: The hot weather has brought an incursion of stray inland butterflies into Oakland, and presumably other bayside cities. This would be a very good day to visit your local urban park for butterflies.

Today, in my neighborhood around Brookdale Park in Oakland, the vagrants have included two EASTERN TAILED-BLUES, a PACIFIC ORANGETIP, a PIPEVINE SWALLOWTAIL, at least two and possibly three CORONIS FRITILLARIES, and a possible Satyr Anglewing (not seen well). The vagrants are intermingled with the largest incursion of BUCKEYES I've ever seen around here, as well as more modest numbers of MYLITTA CRESCENTS and ACMON BLUES (both of which are only occasional temporary colonists in this part of Oakland).

Noah Arthur, Oakland

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