Del Puerto Canyon, San Antonio Valley, Mines

Matthew Dodder


I led the second-half of my Palo Alto Adult School master birding class along DPC, San Antonio Valley and Mines Roads yesterday. Results were similar to last week with some exceptions. Cooler temperatures and overcast conditions made things a little quieter. As with last week, we were unable to locate ANY Lewis's Woodpeckers, but Phainopepla was numerous, as were Lawrence's Goldfinches. Lazuli Buntings were more difficult to see, but heard in various places and finally viewed at the Tricolored Blackbird colony. There was no Yellow-breasted Chat this weekend at Adobe Springs but we had EXCELLENT views of Bell's Sparrow near the Junction. Highlights were the following:

Stanislaus County:

Cherry Orchards near Hwy 5:
Blue Grosbeak (male and female)

Graffiti Rock:
White-throated Swift
Costa's Hummingbird (female only)
Western Wood Pewee
Canyon Wren
Rock Wren
Rufous-crowned Sparrow

Frank Raines Picnic and Campground:
Cedar Waxwing (missed last week)
Lazuli Bunting
Lawrence's Goldfinch

Adobe Springs (area just before):
Green HeronĀ 

Santa Clara County:

Tricoiored Blackbird (colony at pond east of the Junciton)
Bell's Sparrow (one singing male well seen just north of junction near the new fire station and cattle guard)
Lawrence's Goldfinches (another small flock south of Junction along San Antonio Valley Road)

Alameda County:

Phainopepla (various spots along Mines Road
Lazuli Bunting
Rufous-crowned Sparrow

Dragonflies and Damselflies were still great at Adobe Springs with Red Rock Skimmer, Flame Skimmer, Pacific Clubtail, American Rubyspot, Vivid Dancer showing nicely, but no Grappletail this week. Common Green Darner and Cardinal Meadowhawk seen at small pond on southern end of our San Antonio Valley Road leg.

Matthew Dodder
Mountain View

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