Looking for info on Bird friendly urban tree species

Cathy Bleier

Excuse this non-sighting post.  As chair of El Cerrito's Tree Committee, which is updating its Master Tree List, I'm looking for any lists, books or other references about bird friendly tree species for street tree planting in the bay area.   Hopefully it would have information on non-native as well as native species, since natives don't always lend themselves to street tree planting sites (ie parking strips, medians).    This info will also be useful for the City's Urban Greening Plan which is being finalized at this time.  

In the absence of ready references, I'd love to talk with any local experts on this topic, or to identify sources of data or anecdotal info about nesting, feeding and roosting use of local urban forests.  Thanks for your help.

Please reply directly. 

Cathy Bleier
El Cerrito   

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