Possible black chinned hummingbird

Michael Pang <michaelpang1223@...>

I saw a possible black chinned hummingbird around 11:00 am at Dave Brubeck Park in Concord today. The bird was perched on a wire near the parking lot. It was sort of backlit so I couldn't see the head color clearly but I could see that it had a forked tail. There was a ebird report of a black chinned hummingbird at this location on May 2, 2015. Then we headed to Ellis Lake Park where we saw about 10 western tanagers in the eucalyptus and the surrounding trees. A warbling vireo and a Wilson's warbler were also seen. At least one green heron was on the lake. After that we went to UC Berkeley Botanical Garden where we saw three hooded orioles and many easily photographed Allen's hummingbird.
Possible Black chinned Hummingbird
Western tanager
Hooded oriole
Allen's Hummingbird
Michael Pang

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