Heather Farms local interest

Bruce Mast

I stopped at Heather Farms today for my 3rd try at the Black-and-white Warbler. Birded slowly and carefully all around the nature area lake, listening for a gleaner flock. Plenty of calling Yellow-rumped Warblers but no flocks to speak of. Only one Chickadee. Consolation prize was the continuing TROPICAL KINGBIRD, which was extra cooperative today, along with a pair of hyper-active Red-shouldered Hawks.

After circling the lake, I decided to recheck the SW corner, where the Ygnacio Canal returns to surface flow, because it was the one spot with a concentration of bird activity. Bluebirds and American Goldfinches were active. Suddenly the BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLER was right in front of me, gleaning at the base of an oak. Finally!

A few of the better photos are available at

Bruce Mast

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