"Common" Teal at MLK Shoreline

Steven Tucker

Driving into Arrowhead Marsh this morning, I found a male Eurasian/Common Teal in the large flooded marsh on the north side of the road. The bird can be seen by parking near the Burrowing Owl mounds and scanning the far, northeastern part of the marsh. The horizontal white scapular stripe is very conspicuous, and (although distant) I could discern no hint of the vertical white line that would be on the side of the breast of carolinensis Green-winged Teal, so it appeared to be a pure crecca.

No sparrows of note at Arrowhead Marsh at high tide, but seeing 9 Ridgway's Rails in one scope sweep was nice. Bruce Mast picked out a Greater White-fronted Goose on the "lawn" behind the marsh boardwalk.

Good birding,

Steve Tucker

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