Don Edwards NWR and Pacific Commons today


For the 20 participants at this morning's Ohlone Audubon's field trip to Don Edwards NWR, highlights were a Peregrine Falcon on an electrical tower by Thornton Avenue and several Lesser Yellowlegs among the Greater Yellowlegs at La Riviere Marsh.  We did not find a Long-Tailed Duck on the bay.

My co-leader Rich Nicholson generously offered to continue the field trip for a "Part 2" at Pacific Commons Linear Park where things were really hopping!  Highlights were an immature Peregrine Falcon on an electrical tower near the Auto Mall Parkway entrance to the park; 9 Snow Geese, a Eurasian Wigeon among a flock of about 90 American Wigeon, a Loggerhead Shrike, and a Ferruginous Hawk on the ground - all in a cattle pasture south of the wetlands park; a closeup fly-by Golden Eagle; and 16 Redheads and 3 Ring-Necked Ducks on the largest (western) pond at the wetlands park.

After the field trip(s), I drove up to Oakland to see if the Tundra Swan might still be in the fenced-in area near the entrance to MLK Regional Shoreline/Arrowhead Marsh.  I parked in the 1st lot after the entrance and walked north past the big white building to the footpath entrance, then east on the path to view the ponds on the east side of the area.  This is where the swan was on New Year's Day when Charlotte Allen photographed it from the road.  No swan today.  A consolation prize was a number of Mew Gulls with the gull flock in the large pond behind the Burrowing Owl burrows.  A Red-Throated Loon was on the bay west of the burrows.

Stephanie Floyd


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