Arrowhead Marsh and Garretson Point today


Ohlone Audubon kicked off the New Year with a high tide field trip at Martin Luther King Regional Shoreline from Arrowhead Marsh to Garretson Point and back.  

To protect habitat and birds, the park service has cordoned off the bluff area on either side of the closed dock.  We did not find the two Nelson's Sparrows that often hang out just above the waterline on the bluff.  We also missed the Swamp Sparrow that has been seen on the small island west of the dock.

However, over the course of a 4-hour walk in the chilly wind, we found 77 species, including 3 Greater White-Fronted Geese and an American Pipit on the lawn with the big discs, 6 Blue-Winged Teal in the channel between the closed dock and the small western island, at least 3 Ridgway's Rails, a Sora, a Merlin, an American Kestrel, a Belted Kingfisher, 2 Spotted Sandpipers, at least 4 Red-Throated Loons, a Red Knot (north side of Damon Slough as seen from Garretson Point; kudos to Steve Huckabone for the ID), Black Turnstones, and much more.

Stephanie Floyd


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