Re: Mt. Trashmore- (Lapland Longspur, Greater White-fronted Goose, Aleutian Cackling Goose)


Funny. The Longspurs didn't seem too perturbed by my presence. In fact, one landed no more than a dozen feet from where I was squatting. It seemed oblivious to my being there. I observed 3 others across the drainage ditch from my position foraging with several Horned Larks. James Watts, Hayward.

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Hey All,

Today at noon I took a trip to Mt. Trashmore to look for the birds previously reported there. After not too much searching I found at least 4 LAPLAND LONGSPURS. It was difficult to judge how many individuals there were because of how many birders there were spooking up all of the birds. Other song birds included around 200 AMERICAN PIPITS, 6 HORNED LARKS, 100 WESTERN MEADOWLARKS and some SAVANNAH and SONG SPARROWS. After looking at the longspurs I walked down to the south end of the fields to look at the geese there. There were many CANADA GEESE there. Though I did not look a subspecies too much there looked to be a couple moffetts/maxima. There were also a huge amount of CACKLING GEESE. There were at least 30 individuals, mostly minima but there was at least one ALEUTIAN CACKLING GOOSE. Also feeding with some cackling geese was one GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE, unusual for the location.

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Good Birding,
Will Brooks
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