2 Eurasian Wigeon at Crab Cove, minor gull notes

Steven Tucker

Birders -

This afternoon there were 2 Eurasian Wigeon at Crab Cove (Crown Memorial Beach) at the location that Kathy Robertson described previously. The "new" bird is a female with a distinctly reddish hue to the head that might be hard to pick out in poor light; luckily the flock is not very wary so distance should not be a problem in checking out these birds. The male has a small bit of green around the eyes, which is not unusual for EUWI (hybrids have more). The only other bird of note here was a young Peregrine Falcon overhead.

Earlier I birded the north end of Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline (at the end of Davis Street, in San Leandro) to see what the gull scene was like. Lots of interesting birds to look at (hybrids galore), 2-3 Thayer's Gulls and 50+ Bonaparte's. If you have been looking to fulfill any larophile tendencies, this is a good place to do it.

Good birding,

Steve Tucker

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