. Lake Chabot

Mike Shannon

Took a nice walk along the east shore trail today and saw:<br /><br />A medium size fleet of double crested cormorants ( maybe 50) near the island<br />Maybe 15 white pelicans off of Raccoon Point<br />A squadron of white fronted geese (7 or 8) also near Raccoon Point<br />Lots of western sandpipers<br />Lots of Canada Geese<br />A few brown towhees<br />A few Oregon race juncos<br />Stella's Jay<br />American robins, including at least one first year bird near the 1 mile mark<br />Scattered Great Egret and (I think) snowy egrets<br />2 Forsters tern<br />Scrub Jay<br />Turkey Vulture<br />A few pairs of mallards<br />American Coot (not as many as I usually see)<br />House/purple finch<br /><br />I did not hear or see any rufous sided towhee (I usually see and hear them)<br />I assume the Wilson's warblers are also gone, as they were not in "their" tree near the 1 1/4 mile mark<br /><br />Mike Shannon<br />Castro Valley<br /><br />Sent from Xfinity Connect Mobile App

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